The cabbage with a thousand faces can be processed into cauliflower rice, pizza crust, cauliflower bolognese, steaks, sauces and much more. Bok choy (also called pak choi) is a member of the cruciferous family of leafy green vegetables. The January King cabbage is a Brassica cultivar and is one of the more unusual ‘head’ cabbages due to its interesting green and purple coloring. Discover the differences among cabbages, such as green, Savoy, red, Napa, bok choy, and brussels sprouts, and learn what to do with them. Why you should eat cauliflower more often: The more easily-digestible cauliflower is rich in vitamin C and vitamin K, and contains important minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, sodium and iron. AJNS New Media GmbH | Storkower Straße 115 | 10407 Berlin | Phone: +49 (0)30 695 182 91 | Email: hello@kitchenstories.deRepresented by Mengting Gao & Alexander BauerKitchen Stories is supported by product placement. It is always preferred over … After the rise of the kale, savoy cabbage is considered the next serious contender to ascend to the most-popular cabbage throne. A cup of chopped cabbage contains just 22 calories, 5 g of carbohydrates, and 2.2 g of fiber. More akin to Swiss chard or spinach than a regular head of cabbage, bok choy makes an excellent addition to sautéed vegetable sides, stir-fries and Asian inspired soups. Some popular green cabbage varieties include the following: Varieties of Danish cabbages such as the Danish Ballhead are some of the most common green cabbage cultivars.

You can also ferment Napa cabbage to make kimchi – a popular fermented dish from Korea.Bok Choy is another type of Chinese cabbage with loose green leavesAnother type of Chinese cabbage with thin tender … Like most people, I disliked Brussels sprouts when I was a kid and wondered why people would eat these mushy, bitter, green balls. Packed in an airtight container, it will last in the freezer for up to 6 months. Similar to other cabbage varieties, Savoy cabbages are a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This is also a cold hardy type of cabbage and grows well in many conditions. Try out something new: Fried, buttery Brussels sprouts are our personal tip to take a classic Carbonara to a new level! Due to its color, pleasant flavor, and crunchy texture, red cabbage is a popular ingredient for coleslaw and salads. They are sweet and mild flavored, easy to separate, and great to stuff and wrap. Or how about irresistibly delicious gnocchi with kale pesto? This has sometimes an unpalatable taste and is very tough to eat. sabauda L.) is a type of green cabbage with crinkly blueish-green leaves. The leaves of the January King cabbage have the texture of a savoy cabbage but the shape of a white cabbage. Pointed cabbage is a variant of white cabbage and has a slightly sweetish flavor. In fact, you can use this in place of Savoy cabbage to add some color to a dish. The Savoy cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. Kale belongs the Brassica genus and is one of the healthiest types of cabbage you can eat. With other preparation methods, it also just takes a few minutes to cook and is therefore an excellent cabbage choice for quick dishes. The Parel cabbage is another variety from the Brassica oleracea species and matures in mid-summer. to 9 lbs (0.5 – 4 kg). Savoy cabbage leaves (crinkled leaves) are more pliable than smooth cabbage. The leaves can grow between 2 and 3 ft. (0.6 – 0.9 m) tall. The cabbage can withstand the cold and it is fairly resistant to disease and pests. Napa cabbage is the most like a lettuce, in that regard. Green cabbage is one of the most easily recognizable types of cabbage. Consider common types of cabbage with photos and names. Its crunchy leaves make white cabbage the ideal choice for cabbage salad and soups, because they will keep their bite even after cooking. The firm texture of the Parel cabbage means that it slices and shreds well and it is a good choice for pickling or salads. However, people tend not to eat them as they are not very palatable. Different Types of Cabbage The most popular types of cabbage include bok choy cabbage, choy sum cabbage, napa cabbage, red cabbage, green cabbage, and savoy cabbage, among others. Varieties of kale also come in different colors such as dark green, purple, and blueish-green. These cool weather crops form tight heads with either smooth, flat leaves or wrinkled, less tightly packed leaves in the case of Savoy varieties. Unlike other types of common cabbage varieties, kale doesn’t form a cabbage head. Crunchy facts and recipes about one of our favorite winter vegetable. Below you’ll find a list of 44 different types of succulents. Celebrate is a “Cheers” type cabbage with a slightly more compact plant. This type of Bok choy is generally cheaper and more widely available than regular Bok choy. Cook a German classic: Our grandparents swore by kale with ‘Pinkel’, a smoked, coarse sausage or combined it with smoked pork loin and potatoes. It looks like a flattened version of white cabbage, and in fact, it is exactly that! Kirk Weddle / Getty. Just like preparing cauliflower, remove the stalk and outer leaves first, then cut the Romanesco in florets.Our article ‘In Season: Romanesco’ tells you everything you need to about how to find the perfect Romanesco, which herbs to pair it with, and much more. 1 – 2 months. Unlike Napa Chinese cabbage, Bok choy doesn’t form a head. There are many types of cabbage that include green cabbage, red cabbage, and savoy cabbage. Cook a modern classic: Cutlets aren’t limited to veal or pork—sliced kohlrabi is a fabulous vegetarian alternative to a Wiener Schnitzel. Unlike regular cabbages, Napa cabbages don’t form a round oval head. Why you should eat broccoli more often: If you’re not a big fan of the typical taste of cabbage (and have read this article up to here), you’ll still find great pleasure in eating broccoli. When choosing a cabbage to buy, there are a few ways to tell if the cabbage is good. Usually, the base of the thick white stem is not consumed. It is best stored wrapped in a damp kitchen towel in the vegetable compartment of your fridge.Why you should eat pointed cabbage more often: Healthy pointed cabbage also contains plenty of vitamin C and is being low in calories and fat – it’s also one of the most easily digestible types of cabbage. Napa cabbage and bok choy are two popular types of Chinese cabbage. is Coming Back! For Cabbage Patch Kid Names 2/4 click here. DM/Flickr/CC By 2.0. The Chinese cabbage can look a cross between romaine lettuce and Swiss chard. Red cabbages are great for pickling but fine cooked or even raw in salads. Last but not least, here's my favorite broccoli recipe. But all other parts of the leave are used in cooking. To do this, first clean the cabbage, then cut into strips and blanch for approx. Gonzales is another type of small, compact green cabbage that has a spicy flavor and firm texture. Due to the shape of its leaves, some types of kale are also called ‘curly kale.’, Kale leaves can be quite tough and unpleasant to eat raw. Another Dutch hybrid is the Parel cabbage which is a small type of green cabbage. These Chinese cabbage varieties have pale green and yellow leaves and a thick white crunchy stem. Cannonball cabbages are a green popular cabbage cultivar that have small, firm heads and tender sweet leaves. With this recipe, you not only get a decent portion of savoy cabbage, but it also comes in different textures. Vitamin B6 strengthens the nerves and immune system and the ‘mustard oils’, found across the cabbage family, are often called natural antibiotics as they can work against viruses and bacteria. Though you might not be familiar with it, it’s been enjoying a comeback in the last 20 or so years and is getting more and more popular. As with green cabbage, Danish cabbage varieties are late-fall cabbages that keep well throughout the winter. 3. There are also ornamental types of kale that grow pink, white, lavender, or blue-colored flowers.
Cabbage is a leafy vegetable staple with a 4,000 year history. Savoy cabbage also scores well in terms of versatility: It can be eaten raw, boiled, blanched, and filled. Learn more about kale in our dedicated article.Why you should eat kale more often: In addition to the prospect of likes and clicks on your Instagram, your body will be happy about an increasing consumption of kale. You can slice, steam, sauté, or braise most types of green cabbage. Because cabbage is in the Brassica genus of plants, this vegetable is related to cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. Thanks to its short cooking time, it’s a great choice for quick, hearty dishes. Semi-globe heads, compact, with weight of 1.2 to 1.5 kg. They are even more nutritious and flavorful than the florets. Pointed cabbage is a variant of white cabbage and has a slightly sweetish flavor. Reset All Filters. For Cabbage Patch Kid Names 4/4 click here. CABBAGE - F1 WhiteGold. The leaves forming the small dense heads of this white/green type of cabbage are juicy and tender. Due to its green color and shape, some people describe cannonball cabbages as massive Brussels sprouts. Then check out our article ‘In Season: Red cabbage’ to find all information on how to shop, store, and prepare it.Why you should eat red cabbage more often: Instead of shining as a festive side dish, red cabbage cuts a really good figure as the main component of your meal. As their name suggests, Cannonball cabbages have a tightly-packed small head. With recipes like our Romanesco soup with walnut-mint pesto or crispy Romanesco pancakes, you’ll convice even the biggest sceptics. Many people prefer Savoy cabbage to regular cabbage due to its milder taste and tender leaves. Heirloom Cabbage Varieties and Other Members of the Brassica Family. The Ultimate Guide to Cabbage: 11 Varieties and How to Use Them, crunchy salad with a creamy poppy seed dressing, hearty combination with minced meat and potatoes, One potato, two potato, sweet potato, four. Bok Choy is another type of Chinese cabbage with loose green leaves. It’s good to go, as is. It is so named for the way its leaves wound tightly over one another in a dense, compact fashion; with the final product resembling a cannonball. The Brassica oleracea sabauda (January King) has green colored leaves at the base that change to dark purple or red color at the top. Even the white part of the stem isn’t too bitter or tough to chop up and eat raw in a salad. Remember, that Savoy cabbages have less densely packed leaves and, therefore, the head will feel looser than regular cabbages. Different types of cabbage Broccoli, Romanesco on a wooden stump. If someone had told me as a child that one day cauliflower would be my favorite cabbage, I probably would have thought them crazy. Danish types, which are grown for late-fall sale, and for storage over the winter, are very compact and solid, with round or oval heads. Different types of cabbage isolated on white background. Varieties of cabbage. There are also several cultivars of lettuce produced by … ...Or try out something new: Those without sensitive stomachs: Try delicious red cabbage raw in a crunchy salad with a creamy poppy seed dressing. Three types of green cabbage—Danish, domestic, and pointed—account for most commercially marketed cabbage. Regardless, bok choy is a type of cabbage, one that you can rely on regularly. The large round cabbage head has densely packed thick leaves. It has a white bulb-type base from which dark green leaves grow. It’s typically seasoned with allspice, juniper berries, cloves, or bay leaves and sweetened with jam or cut apple. Cabbages come in various colors, with red and white cabbage being the most popular varieties after green. To eat this delicious type of cabbage, prepare it similar to a savoy cabbage. Some of the most common types of cabbage are Savoy cabbage, Napa Cabbage, kale, and Bok Choy. With the potential to produce large heads, it is uniform, highly resistant to Yellows, and has intermediate resistance to black rot. When consumed raw, green cabbage can have a slight peppery taste to it. The unique breed is something of a precursor to the white cabbage we know, but is slightly less bitter in taste. This black cabbage variety has long thin crinkly leaves. Salad Delight - this red cabbage matures in 50 days after transplanting, heads are maroon in color and average 3 pounds, inside is dense and almost purple in color with distinct white ribs throughout, sweet and peppery flavor; Early Flat Dutch - this variety features light green outer leaves and a creamy white center, heads average 8 pounds, ready in 80 days after … Parel cabbages are a small type of cabbage that has green outer leaves and a white inner part. The heads of this type of cabbage are small to medium in size and weigh between 3 and 5 lbs (1.4 – 2.3 kg). Choy Sum. Just like savoy cabbage, it also scores highly with its mustard oils, which can work against free radicals and bacteria. Next, blanch it in ice water, and let drip dry. You can also ferment Napa cabbage to make kimchi – a popular fermented dish from Korea. 1. Or try this savoy cabbage quiche with tangy Alpine cheese. Another type of Chinese cabbage with thin tender white and green leaves is Bok choy (Brassica rapa chinensis). broccoli and cauliflower). The outer leaves of the cabbage head are usually medium to light green and they fade to pale green or white the closer they are to the center. Early cabbage varieties must be present in every garden. It’s mustard oils have a positive effect on sensitive stomachs and intestines. Red cabbages could be one of the healthiest cabbages as they contain antioxidants called anthocyanins. The mini Savoy heads weigh between 1 and 1.5 lbs (0.45 – 0.6 kg). Some people describe the shape of the Tuscan cabbage plant as resembling the leaves on a palm tree. This hearty combination with minced meat and potatoes is already a classic. However, when it is cooked the “Tuscany way,” it turns almost black. There are hundreds of varieties of cabbage, with green cabbage being the most common. You can prepare it similarly to white cabbage, but keep in mind you won’t need to cook it as long. Brassicaceae species are characterized by four-petalled cross-shaped flowers that feature two long and two short stamens and produce podlike fruits known as siliques.The following is a list of some of … The different types of cabbage are: 1) Savoy Cabbage Unlike other cabbage varieties, the savoy cabbage has leaves which are crinkled. The Danish Ballhead cabbage is a large green leafy variety of cabbage. Celebrate has wide adaptability. ), with each plant producing a single head. Romanesco is a piece of art among cabbages—our community member Tim Seo wrote in, quite on point, that they were, in fact, “too cool to eat’. Belokochannaya Avocado—It’s What’s for Dinner…and Breakfast and Lunch. With the most popular types of cabbage, their photos and names will be introduced in this article. The mild flavor of Napa cabbages and soft green leaves mean that this is a popular type of cabbage for salads. It is best stored wrapped in a damp kitchen towel in the vegetable compartment of your fridge. Another cooking tip for the January King cabbage is to roast sliced or shredded cabbage leaves with some butter. The Napa cabbage has a light subtle taste but regular cabbages have a crunchy texture and peppery flavor. The bitter taste can easily be balanced with a little sugar or honey. Commonly known as the mustard family, Brassicaceae contains some 338 genera and more than 3,700 species of flowering plants distributed throughout the world. Aloe is a common type of succulent that people are familiar with. 366 different types cabbage stock photos are available royalty-free. White (green cabbages are known as white for some reason) varieties are ideal for coleslaw and all cabbages will make sauerkraut. The Savoy cabbage is a type of green cabbage with wrinkly leaves. Cabbage is a versatile vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked and is a very healthy type of vegetable. It has dark outer leaves with paler green inner leaves. And of course, they have a few handy details in common: they you keep full, are packed with vitamins, and have finally recovered from their when-times-are-hard reputation. In terms of taste, it ranks between cauliflower and broccoli and will have a stronger cabbage flavor the longer you cook it. If you still have any leftovers, you can also freeze white cabbage. This black kale plant is a large type of cabbage plant. Hope you find a favorite! If you want to be on the safe side, blanch the Brussels sprouts and toss them in melted butter, or roast them in a frying pan or oven. In nature, there are more than fifty varieties of this vegetable. Why you should eat savoy cabbage more often: Savoy cabbage is a real vitamin bomb and contains not only a lot of vitamin C, but also vitamin A, which is good for your skin and eyes. The best varieties of ripeness with the names By maturity, red cabbage is subdivided into early (Red Jewel, Kyoto, Primero, Nurima, Romanov), medium (Mars, Mikhnevskaya, Varna, Lyudmila, Stone head) and late (Rodima, Garansi, Pallet, Landeydeker late, Juno). Surprisingly though, most cabbages, don’t originate from Germany but from the Mediterranean region. Most often, pickled raw shredded red cabbage also makes a striking addition to coleslaw and traditional salads. First of all, the cabbage head should feel solid and only have a few loose leaves around it. White cabbages (also called Dutch cabbages as they come from Holland) are actually a type of green cabbage which can have very pale-colored leaves. The name ‘napa’ is actually vegetable leaves in Japanese. There are basically six kinds of cabbage with some variations on each type. The heads usually weigh between 1.7 and 3.3 lbs (0.8 – 1.5 kg). Different types of cabbage on wooden background. Savoy varieties of cabbage are a late-fall type and will grow well even in cold conditions. This cultivar has light green leaves and a white center. We’ll bet you’ll be on the lookout for it after reading this article.Why you should eat jaroma cabbage more often: Jaroma cabbage scores highly in numerous categories—let’s start with the nice fact that it doesn’t develop that typical cabbage odor while cooking.Similar to pointed cabbage, the leaves of Jaroma cabbage are super tender so you don’t even need to blanch them before using the leaves for stuffed cabbage rolls. To be honest, is there any reason to not eat kale? Green cabbage is the most popular type of cabbage and includes several varieties such as the Danish cabbage. Due to its delicate leaves, it is not as durable as white cabbage and should be eaten after a maximum of 3 days. White cabbage’s sizeable leaves can easily be filled with ground meat, rice, fried vegetables, feta cheese, and more stuffings! This is a complete list of Cabbage Patch Kids made from 1982 to 2018. Or how about a broccoli pizza – who could resist the combination of tangy gorgonzola, crunchy almonds, and creamy mascarpone, right? In many European cuisines, it is traditionally spiced with caraway seeds, which also make white cabbage more easily digestible. By clicking "submit", you’re consenting to our email newsletter with cooking content and information on products.