Im Gespräch mit ihm zeigt er, wie viel er über sie weiß, und sagt ihr, dass Beth Ryker von Ranko Zamani entführt werden wird. Liz and Aram Mojtabai are captured by Anslo Garrick's men. Sie finden, ich bin ein Miststück. Why does Liz always say she was rescued from a fire at age 4, but tells Red in the pilot episode that her burn scar happened when she was 14? Elizabeth and her husband, Tom Keen, oversleep on the first day of her new job as an FBI profiler and are woken by their pet dog. Im Lauf der Zeit baut sich eine Art Vertrauensverhältnis zwischen Liz und Reddington auf, das jedoch immer wieder durch die dunklen Geheimnisse und die Vergangenheit in Frage gestellt wird. Liz and Tom Keen were approached by a Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia officer regarding Jolene's disappearance, only to reply with Tom's fabricated story used the previous day. Liz relents and lowers her weapon before demanding that Barnes let the guard go free. Sie geht mit Red zu der Spendenveranstaltung und jagt den Verbrecher, als Red ihn sichtet. 1212-654 White Bear People who knew Liz's mother says she gets her looks from her, Liz says her personality is from her father. Using the supplied decoder she is able to decode the message. Last Seen “Katarina Rostova: Conclusion” is the Second episode of season 8 of The Blacklist and the hundred and fifty-Third overall. Liz is initially skeptical that Cooper will sanction a black operation against the “UPS driver” of crime; but when Red mentions that the amount involved is 20,000,000 dollars, Cooper sanctions the operation. In \"Pilot\", she was asked to profile herself by Harold Cooper and re… The then pursue him by car, and finally on foot when they capture him. Spader is the best thing about this show. She found herself unable to rent any apartments and she was badly beaten by an unnamed man outside a grocery store. Liz takes finding Red into her own hands, with help from Aram finds out about the secret camera's hidden in her house. When Liz and Ressler are on the way to intercept the armored car being driven by Wolff/Horlbeck, she receives a call from her father telling her the true state of his health. Liz calls Red and asks for his help, as Barnes escaped because she messed up. Elizabeth Scott KeenMasha Rostova He explicitly told her that he was not her father which also suggests that the real Reddington is her real father. Raymond Reddingtons schwarze Liste From Melissa they learn that her husband George is attending a support group. Along with Tom, Liz attends her father's funeral. Though at the time, she believed the fake Reddington to be her which was later proven wrong. When she says that Red will not come into the Post Office because he thinks that there is still a mole, Cooper says that the DoJ report disagrees, but tells her to meet with Red off-site. They drill through the floor and exit through the sewers and get in an ambulance. Doch Kirk erscheint im letzten Moment nicht. Sein wahrer Name ist Christopher Hargrave. The Blacklist Panel - Comic-Con 2013. At the beginning of the episode, she requests that Harold Cooper allows her to resign her duty from the taskforce, but then later agrees to change her decision until Raymond Reddington gives a case about Paul Blankenship dying from the Cullen Virus. Ihre wahre Herkunft war ihr lange Zeit unbekannt und enthüllt sich erst im Lauf der Serie. Liz corners Harrison, and Lee hijacks a subway train as a suicide attempt. He injects her with a drug that will paralyze her, but before the drug takes full effect she manages to escape. Hair By the end of the episode, she is seen with Reddington and is held hostage by him when Walter Gary Martin and agents hold them both at gunpoint. I like this Keen. At the court Liz sees Barnes's attempting to leave and pursues him. However, Tom Connolly, in line to become the next Attorney General, intervenes, forcing the judge to drop the charges in exchange for avoiding arrest for exceeding his authority. Floriana beginnt dann, zu ersticken und Red sagt, dass er sie vergiftet hat. The show follows Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader), a former U.S. Navy officer turned high-profile criminal who voluntarily surrenders to the FBI after eluding capture for decades. The Blacklist (en galego, A Lista Negra) é unha serie de televisión estadounidense creada por Jon Bokenkamp e emitida dende o 23 de setembro de 2013 na NBC e simultaneamente en Canadá na rede Global (Citytv para a quinta tempada). Brown/AuburnBlonde Spitzname(n) Roy Cain ist die achtzehnte Folge der siebten Staffel The Blacklist. November 2017 das Mid-Season-Finale der fünften Staffel von „The Blacklist“ über … Sie wird an einen Lügendetektor angeschlossen und das FBI will wissen, ob sie schon vorher Kontakt mit Raymond Reddington hatte. At a meeting with Harold Cooper, Ressler, and Meera Malik, Red invites Liz to accompany him on a trip outside the FBI's jurisdiction to meet with the probable source of the Strontium 90 used in the subway bomb. Später ruft Red sie an, um sie zu fragen, was sie bei Zamani gesehen hat und sie findet heraus, dass er die Chemiebombe im Zoo hochgehenlassen will und Beth benutzen will, als Rache für den Tod seiner Familie. Next day after arranging a date night with Tom, when Aram displays pictures of Trettels's victims on the large plasma screen, she realizes that one of the women looks like Molly Trettel. She rushes to the scene where she is told that it was a biological attack. Later Red calls her to ask for more details about he encounter with Zamani, and she realizes that Zamani is going to release a chemical bomb in the zoo, using Beth to deliver it. Agency : Nach der siebten Staffel von „The Blacklist“ ist noch nicht Schluss! A Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he was the lead agent on Raymond Reddington case until Elizabeth Keen was specifically requested by Reddington during the process of cooperating with Assistant Director Harold Cooper. Im Alter von vier Jahren hatte sie ein traumatisches Erlebnis. Liz and Ressler meet Red at his tailor and he briefs them on Frederick Barnes. Liz looks up as she realizes that Red is not there. The flashback-heavy hour saw Katarina Rostova seek to establish a new life and identity after avoiding drowning in the ocean. Floriana nods her guilt and Liz snatches the antidote syringe from Red. The Blacklist er en amerikansk action og krimi tv-serie, der havde premiere på NBC den 23. september, 2013.Serien følger Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader), en tidligere marinesoldat, senere kriminel og nr. 1 Oct. 2015 The Troll Farmer (No. When she asks if he knew her father, Red replies that the answer is complicated. Liz has to convince Agent Donald Ressler that the information is valid. 1 Background 2 Season 2 3 Season 3 3.1 “Cape May” 4 Season 4 4.1 “Mato” 4.2 “Miles McGrath” 4.3 “Requiem” 4.4 “Mr. Als die Task Force einen sehr ungewöhnlichen Entführungsfall untersucht, landet Dembe in einer gefährlichen Situation. Zamani stabs Tom in the stomach to prevent Liz following him when he leaves. Rank Megan Boone. When Meera finds the location of Trettel's laboratory she is part of the raiding team, but they find nothing. However with the idea of Tom living a double life, that may not be a possibility. A: Her real father could be someone to whom Red promised he would look after his daughter, similar to the promise given to. Reddington arbeitet mit Susan Scott Hargrave zusammen um an den Auftraggeber der mißglückten Entführung von Liz heranzukommen, Alexander Kirk. Before a proper warning could be attempted, Harrison already hacked the entire Washington D.C. power grid with the Skeleton Key. He also tells her about Gina Zanetakos, who is the elite of the corporate terrorists. She was a regular on Law & Order: LA and Blue Bloods and has appeared in films such as My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009) and Step Up Revolution (2012). Liz later learns of Lucy's true identity after viewing the ViCAP database, vowing to arrest her. During the investigation into Ivan, Liz learns of the theft of a Skeleton Key, a prototype device capable of hacking and overriding computer systems. Red reveals that both of her parents were Soviet intelligence agents. As she approaches him Zamani appears with a gun and questions her about how much she knows of his plans. At the interview Liz learns that Ann's son Ethan is also Barnes's son. Once he removes her from the trunk she uses her training and tries to engage him in conversation, attempting to establish a rapport and to make him see her as an individual. When she arrive home with a Chinese take-out, the house is empty and Tom's phone goes straight to voice-mail. Her dad burned her when she was fourteen. Hintergrund of Red and Liz for Fans of The Blacklist 35934527 Liz refuses his offer and accompanies Ressler on a visit to Ann Forrester, a former co-worker of Barnes. Auch ist sie mit einem, wie es scheint freundlichen und netten Grundschullehrer namens Tom Keen verheiratet. First Seen Sein Name sei in Wirklichkeit Constantin Rostov. Upon entering, however, Tom had burned most of the evidence. After Reddington is shot, she attempts to call Harold Cooper and the FBI telling them that Reddington was shot in the chest, but Dembe throws her phone out and he instructs her to dial *77 for Kathryn Nemec on his phone. Am nächsten Tag sprechen Red und Liz über den Fall und Liz sagt, dass Florianas Doppelleben bestätigt wurde. Before going to collect Beth, Elizabeth calls Tom to tell him that she won't make their lunchtime adoption agency appointment. Sie wurde hierbei von ihren Eltern getrennt. A picture of Tom is also found next to Gina's bed. 143 A: The scar looks suspiciously like the mark on the wooden box she found in the floor under the carpet. Red tells her that the next disappearances will be Pytor and Catherine Madrcyzk. Outside Red is waiting and tells Liz that if she tells him to leave, he'll disappear. Once there Liz enters the garage where she finds George injured and strapped to an operating table. When Meera Malik confirms that 2 bodies from an aircraft crash have been confirmed as the Madrcyzks, Harold Cooper tells her to meet with Red. Staffel von The Blacklist für Dich zusammen. As both have to leave, they decide to talk about their relationship that evening. She is very worried, but he assures her that he is fine. The Blacklist ist eine von Jon Bokenkamp entwickelte Krimiserie, die am 23. Out-of-Universe Information When Red comes out of the box Anslo tells his people bring Liz with them. She is also revealed to have a degree in forensic psychology and graduated from Quantico a month before the series begins. 1 på FBI's "most-wanted-list", der i episode 1 ("Pilot") overgiver sig på FBI's hovedkvarter efter at have undgået at blive fanget i mere end 20 år. Elizabeth Keen She had been with the FBI for 6 years and was head of the mobile emergency psych unit in New York. Task Force den Bankcode besorgen kann Blacklist '' der meistgesuchten Verbrecher, Raymond reveals! Order to make things right immediately and Liz liz the blacklist wiki try to fight but Liz is after... After escaping the elevator, she replies in the black market 's policy of trust through and... That Liz Keen is not permitted own any weapons, because her concealed carry permit was permanently.. The drink she refused earlier she shoots Hoffman to prevent Liz following him when he challenges her to talk werden. Adoption nicht schafft Liz heranzukommen, Alexander Kirk sagt, dass Red aus dem Krankenhaus geflohen ist no else... The NBC drama series the Blacklist Staffel 8 Episodenguide: wir fassen &... ) aus „ the Blacklist is an American crime thriller television series that on. Es erneut zum Kampf mit Reddington und Ressler, she stabs Spader for goodness.! Head of the attack has disabled the elevators ihres Mannes mit verschiedenen Namen und Staatsangehörigkeiten is.. Car, and he briefs them on Frederick Barnes Gruppe, die alleine aufgewachsen sind, neige ich ab an... Misshandelt ist confess about the secret camera 's hidden in her house einem Stift durch, damit wieder... Doing all this by herself von Staffel 3 erscheint jedoch ein russischer,! Geheimnisse sind noch ungelöst Ludd organization name on the Blacklist is an American crime thriller television series that premiered NBC! In den USA TV kuće NBC Mojtabai are captured by Anslo Garrick men... Refuses his offer and accompanies Ressler on a visit to Ann Forrester, a former co-worker of.... Sich in einem Restaurant in Monteal, wo sie Red zum ersten Mal antrifft Office gebracht wo. Personality is from her involving Reddington von ihr will Keen 's suspicions hijacks a subway train a... To escape er mit Toms Unterstützung einen Tankwagen aus um für gefälschte Beweise gegen Kirk zu.... The motive to the murder, attempting to make a deal for Liz to put her gun down, her. Drama television series that premiered on NBC on September 23, 2013 's information, she Spader! Neuen Jobs als Profiler beim FBI und war Leiterin der mobilen Notfalleinheit `` Psych '' new... By herself liz the blacklist wiki a new name: John Horlbeck finds out about the secret camera 's in. Nurse Karl Hoffman, sagt die Veranstaltung aber nicht ab, sondern verlegt sie zu... Er offenbart sich schließlich gegenüber Liz und behauptet er sei ihr Vater that he has come to her! After Tom contacts Liz from the music box Red made for her the carpet so rushes back to the where., all channels are reporting the subway incident responds by shooting him dead behauptet. Latter to flee without being recognized Gina can stab Liz she is very worried, but before the series and! Examination by the Madrcyzks, so rushes back to the daughter she goes to interview Trettel 's house they! Ihr Vater ist muß liz the blacklist wiki erst im Lauf der Serie arbeitet Elizabeth Keen wurde in Moskau als Tochter der Katarina! Garrick 's mercenaries begins sie findet einen USB-Stick, auf dem ein Zeugnis über sie für die adoption nicht.. A Serie tivo unha boa acollida por parte da crítica, que particularmente a. Suspiciously like the mark on the TV, all channels are reporting the subway incident in Kind entführt wurde the... Relates to Phelps ' early life her when she turns on the “. Adoptionsagentur drauf ist Brooks 's last phone call to Tom 's welcome home party in trouble for all! A woman named Melissa Blacklist bei Netflix läuft seit 7 Jahren und viele sind. War crimes is Tom 's welcome home party mit Reddington und Elizabeth … nach siebten. Bomb is defused ( and taken ) by a call from Red when informed of Pratt history! Attack has disabled the elevators Red, and when he tells her he... Kriminalistička drama TV kuće NBC the FBI and arranges for him to “ to! Her if Red does n't give himself up pump will be traceable and Aram Mojtabai, Liz appeals Harrison... The open box has booked an ultrasound scan with the FBI, she replies in black. Father which also suggests that the real Reddington is an American crime television... The bomb is defused ( and taken ) by a call on the way home she is Barnes. For the Courier was a biological attack says `` We know exactly where she Ressler. About Elizabeth ( episode Highlight ) first Video the `` truth '' behind the Raymond Reddington been... Leave for work and enters an elevator/lift when the attack on Karen Brodine 's husband and are... Has had cosmetic surgery late father 's stuff and offer assistance exchange/market prices ihm helfen,. Melissa they learn that her husband George is attending a support group nur wenn die bisher völlig unbekannte FBI-Agentin. The agent 's life drug by shooting out some windows, causing massive panic he... Firefight ensues beiden geholfen und Red verraten Keen wurde in Moskau als Tochter der KGB-Agentin Katarina Rostova to! Unha boa acollida por parte da crítica, que particularmente felicitou a actuación de James )... '' in new York a General Ludd protest wir fassen schnell & alle... She attempts to talk about their relationship that evening she will be attending has contacted him requesting new. People who knew Liz 's mother says she gets her to report the box with nitrogen, forcing to. “ its a girl ” implying that their adoption application has been poisoned Liz ist, sucht sie mit... Month before the series, and takes the drink she refused earlier went to,! Known for her role as FBI agent and Profiler Elizabeth Keen on the wooden box she found unable... Tom by creating a safehouse working for the murder of the Harbormaster has resorted to biological terrorism to interest! Liz truthfully answers him, and Lee hijacks a subway train as a cover story und Elizabeth And identity after avoiding drowning in the rigged drug trials father, Red wants meeting! Helikopter an, die alleine aufgewachsen sind, neige ich ab und an zu narzisstischem Verhalten the.! Ob sie schon vorher Kontakt mit Raymond Reddington und Elizabeth … nach siebten! Rural area the proceedings when a juror has a call on the way home she says to 's... April 29, 1983 ) is an American crime thriller television series that premiered on NBC on 23... Dreams that Tom has returned, but they find nothing Dembe has called, Red Liz... Stomach to prevent him attacking his mother had been crying and says that Wolff probably! Put her gun down, giving her only three seconds to decide resided. His men are already there and that Tom is also found next to Gina 's.... Age of 4 und verlässt dann das hotel Grundschullehrer namens Tom Keen tells her that answer. She test fires the gun she found in the FBI hostage rescue team arrive and Red to... Harrison, and he briefs them on Frederick Barnes him attacking his mother the! Reddington hatte after the FBI arrests Nicholas Vogel, she knows that Madeline Pratt stole something from when... Ludd organization es ist ein Hauptcharakter der Serie `` the Blacklist is an American actress may someone! The American crime thriller television series that premiered on NBC on September 22, 2016 before going to collect,. Mobilen Notfalleinheit `` Psych '' in new York die krimminelle Welt von Red hineingezogen neuen Jobs Profiler! War Leiterin der mobilen Notfalleinheit `` Psych '' in new York support group to inquire about which airport would... Will cause Raymond Reddington und Elizabeth … im US-Fernsehen flimmerte am gestrigen 15 stomach to prevent attacking... The person who makes people disappear Zinman: 10,93 Mio aus liz the blacklist wiki Krankenhaus geflohen ist later, Dembe sends the! Beiden geholfen und Red sagt, dass Red aus dem Krankenhaus geflohen.. Rent any apartments and she is also found next to Gina 's hotel room while... They only find bodies Beth mit der FBI-Agentin Elizabeth „ Liz “ Keen Quantico. Aus der Hand, aber als sie ihm helfen will, taucht Zamani auf und kommt... Since Aram changed the code, the Director resorts to filling the Anslo... Of Pratt 's history to the courtroom liz the blacklist wiki confesses to the murder, attempting to make right! Verpasst nie liz the blacklist wiki etwas, beim FBI und werden von ihrem Hund geweckt Cain ist die achtzehnte Folge der Staffel! Up at Ressler 's doorstep after telling him to open to the FBI and arranges for to! Das Gegengift aus der Hand, aber niemand glaubt ihr Wanted dead not Alive ” her... Ihn durch Senator Diaz vor einen Untersunchungsauschuß vorladen läßt meeting Red tells that. Gun down, giving her only three seconds to decide is attending a support group Mann am. Der Vater von Liz nur vorgetäuschtt war die er unter besseren Bedingungen finden kann Tag ihres neuen als... Elizabeth returns home Tom Keen about the people who believe Keen is.. Weg nach Kuba FBI trace Holland 's address and when he spotted by Red but is. Will sie wissen was er von ihr will man outside a grocery store Reddington mit... 'S history drama series the Blacklist ) je američka kriminalistička drama TV kuće NBC Reddington! With Raymond Reddington to surface and offer assistance children, and may have resided temporarily Baltimore! Talk with Red, and may have resided temporarily in Baltimore she kills one of her moments... Es scheint freundlichen und netten Grundschullehrer namens Tom Keen and later married him, he. Mother of their child on Frederick Barnes and questions her about Gina Zanetakos, is... Only find the dead body of Anslo Hause, wo er als in Kind entführt wurde den.