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"Welcome to AIDA's project website, an Italo-Tunisian cross-border project in ICT for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases"


The AIDA's team have been very active this week and proposed many workshops and training session. The main topics concerned essentially Indirect Immunofluorescence and the place that ICT takes in Autoimmune Diseases detection. The AIDA's team consider at the upmost importance to develop an expert system able to analyze Indirect Immunofluorescence images.


Creation of innovative start-ups in Tunisia in the field of ICT applied to Health
The project A.I.D.A. promotes the innovation in the Health Sector and the creation in Tunisia of innovative start-ups in the field of ICT applied to Health

3rd International Conference

AIDA project preliminary results

The 3rd international conference on Health Science and Biomedical Systems will take place from November 22-24, 2014 in Florence, Italy. The AIDA project will be present to conference with preliminary results in a paper and talk.

Cours de formation

Analyse d'images et maladies autoimmunes

Tunis 8-9 DéCEMBRE 2014 - Ce cours de formation a pour ambition de sensibiliser un public de divers horizons scientifiques à la nécessité d’améliorer les méthodes de diagnostic des maladies auto-immunes et à l’importance de l’approche multidisciplinaire et collaborative pour répondre à cet objectif.

The AIDA project aims to achieve the following results :

  1. The improvement of organizational processes and decision-making in public health policy through the construction of a horizontal inter-institutional partnership ( between health institutions ) and vertical partnership ( region / province / University / ASP). The project aims to use the possibilities of cooperation between the Sicilian and Tunisian academic and health institutions to increase the synergy between the Mediterranean countries in research and higher education also considering the implementation of new technologies in the Mediterranean and cross-border users in north African countries : the Sanitary Structures involved in the project will contribute to the sustainability of institutional procedures implemented.
  2. Improving diagnosis and scientific knowledge in Autoimmune Diseases through the application and validation of an expert system :
    1. The creation of a medical database containing medical imaging from indirect immunofluorescence tests and reports data
    2. The validation of an expert system supporting indirect immunofluorescence diagnosis used by hospitals partners involved in the project
    3. The research and training cooperation between Tunisia and Sicily in the field of immunology and medical imaging
    4. The setup of new epidemiological studies concerning autoimmune diseases in other close regions

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The AIDA's project aims to promote the Italo - Tunisian cooperation in research and innovation in the health sector through the application of ICT for diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. The growing complexity in biomedical data management and analysis create the urgency and necessity of using information technologies that support physicians in the diagnostic process. ICTs have been successfully applied in medical imaging. This project aims to use innovative ICT to improve the diagnosis of autoimmune disease.


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