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The innovation dimension of this project is mainly technological. Indeed, the development and validation of a powerfull reading IIF images software suitable for the autoimune diseases whichu uses artificial intelligence and a large bank of digital images constitute a rather innovative approach , because there is no basic digital IIF comprehensive data available to the scientific community and computer systems using the IIF tests, currently available are rare and in development phase.


While the need for this type of software is real because the interpretation of the IIF is subjective and requires a double reading. In addition, this type of software can be adapted to distance learning and self - learning in the autoimmune diseases diagnosis by IIF.

The innovation of this project lies in its dimension as multidisciplinary approach involving physicians, physicists, computer scientists, researchers and managers, but especially in that it covers all links in the value chain from research to product market. In fact, this project includes a training and transfer component, an epidemiological research component in autoimmune disease, a technological component of technological development which aims to validate software for reading and creating user-friendly interface, a feasibility study component until the startup creation. Cooperation between partners will allow better optimization of the expert systems and equipment adapted to the specific needs and characteristics of the Tunisian territory.

In addition, the ability to conduct epidemiological studies in neighboring countries provides scientific interest for further studies and applications. In summary, innovation will cover both methods, results, studies and organizational aspects.

The expert system software will be installed in stations report of the project sites. Such software , assisted by "intelligent" classifiers, allow a better pattern distinction of autoantibodies , thereby improving specificity, and providing effective support , as a second player, in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.

The expert system validated by the project will be a support for diagnosis, but also an educational tool for the initiation of young immunologists interpretation IFI images for autoimmune diseases diagnosis and will be used for teaching.


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