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The AIDA's project aims to promote the Italo - Tunisian cooperation in research and innovation in the health sector through the application of ICT for diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. The growing complexity in biomedical data management and analysis create the urgency and necessity of using information technologies that support physicians in the diagnostic process. ICTs have been successfully applied in medical imaging. This project aims to use innovative ICT to improve the diagnosis of autoimmune disease.


Autoimmune Diseases are diseases caused by alterations of the immune system . Autoimmune Diseases is a public health problem because of their high morbidity, cumbersome treatment, the duration of their management and burden of their high prevalence (about 4 % of the general population). They are the third largest disease process after cardiovascular diseases and cancers. These diseases can affect people of all ages and both sexes with a higher frequency among women in age of childbearing.

Autoimmune Diseases are multifactorial diseases whose risk factors are genetic and environmental. From one population to another, combination of risk factors may vary , generating different epidemiological profiles. The advantage of working with populations with similar genetically and climatic conditions but with differences in terms of usages, food habits, cultural, environmental factors, is evident if we consider high scale comparative analysis and errors due to etiological factors diversity. Thus, the Autoimmune Diseases study in Sicily and Tunisia can improve the knowledge of pathogenesis, genetic and environmental risks distribution.

By working on geographically, similar and different territories like Tunisia and Sicily, we will bring very significant and unique epidemiological studies and this will simplify logistics. In particular, the project will allow :

  • the installation of advanced systems for the indirect immunofluorescence test, results of research conducted at the University of Palermo, in collaboration with the main hospitals structures in Sicily and Tunisia;
  • the development of collaboration in the field of autoimmune diseases with the structures involved in the project which expect research results, training sessions and epidemiological studies;
  • the implementation and optimization of expert systems for supporting the diagnosis and specific medical imaging database development 


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