The AIDA Project makes a validated database of HE-p2 images and data from the IIF test available to the scientific community.


The Pubblic Database "AIDA_HEp-2" is a subset of the full AIDA database, where three physician experts (independently) have expressed unanimous opinion on reporting. This is now available to the scientific community and, to our knowledge until today, it is the HEp-2 images public database larger (1000 patients sera) and rapresentative of the real cases including a variety of single and multiple patterns.


The "AIDA_HEp-2" database was obtained between 01/2013 and 12/2015 in the following Immunology Laboratories:

  • U.O.C. Patologia Clinica , Ospedale Buccheri La Ferla, Palermo, Italy;

  • APS-AG, U.O.C. Patologia Clinica , P.O. Sciacca, Italy;

  • ASP-TP U.O.C. Patologia Clinica, P.O. Trapani, Italy;

  • U.O.C. Patologia Clinica, Ospedale Civico, Palermo, Italy;

  • Institut Pasteur, Tunisi, Tunisia;

  • Ospedale Charles Nicolle, Tunisi, Tunisia;

  • Ospedale de l’Ariana, Tunisi, Tunisia.


The dataset consists of 1000 patient records and for each of them are reported the following information: 

  • image/s from well were patient sera was prepared;

  • the negativity or positivity fluorescence intensity of the  patient sera;

  • the staining pattern (single or multiple) for the patient positive sera;

  • the age and sex of patient (if available);

  • the image acquisition instrument.


The database contains fluorescence positive sera with a variety of more than twenty staining pattern. In each image can be present single or multiple pattern. The patterns terminology is in accordance with the "International Consensus on ANA Patterns" (ICAP):


The database can be downloaded after registration in download section ( and consists of the following files:

  • AIDA_HEp-2_Note.pdf;

  • AIDA_HEp-2_GroundTruth.xls;

  • AIDA_Article.pdf;

  • (from google Drive).


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